Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hildene Fall Arts Festival in VT

What a great day and it was so very needed for each of us that went. Things have been far too stressful and this was just what I needed. I won't talk much, the pictures of what I bought will speak for themselves. All I have to say before showing what I bought is the one thing I have wanted for 2 years now but can't afford, this woman makes the most amazing floppy hats, handspun and knit. Someday floppy hat, someday. I also want to give kudos to a new vendor, at least new to me. Missfit has some awesome funky items.

The Flyer for the Hildene Fall Arts Festival. Our annual tradition for many years now.

My awesome new 2-sided green abalone pendant from Moonshadow Creations. I bought this within 5 minutes of being at the festival.

My cool new hand dyed organic cotton t-shirt from Ellen Howard Handmade (I think, there was no card in the bag so I am trying to go by memory on this one).

2 super yummy cookies from Park19, the cinnamon bun cookie (as seen on Rachael Ray Show as snack of the day) and a chocolate & pretzel cookie

This year's purchases from my all time favorite, Lisa Bess. My mom and I got 1 similar necklace, I told her it was ok but she can't wear it at the same time as me LOL

Novation Glass, another favorite who I go back to every year. I said, I am looking for colors I don't already own and she said, you already have them all. Then she said she needed to start doing some new designs LOL

The front of my gorgeous new Severyn hand dyed t-shirt. It was way too hard to choose but this one really stuck out to me. I might have to order more online.

This is the back design. He creates them from original pen and ink artwork designs.
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  1. This is so cool! I just googled my biz Ellen Howard Handmade and found your blog with the shirt that I made. I love the internet!

    Check out my etsy site. I don't have shirts there right now, but will as soon as I recover from the holidays.

    I hope that I'll see you again. I have a facebook biz page too.

    Best, Ellen

  2. So cool you found this post! I added you to my favorites on Etsy and liked you on facebook :)


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