Sunday, October 11, 2009

The end of a cupcake era

I am sad to report that Spa City Cupcakes is closing as of this weekend. They had a yummy variety of cupcakes with tons of buttercream frosting and recently expanded into an adorable new shop. I made it there yesterday to get my last dozen cupcakes, some for me and the BF, some for gifting, and I got a free t-shirt for the memories. There is a new cupcake place coming soon in it's place. I will be sure to check them out once they open and see how they compare, Bettie's Cakes - A Cupcakery Cafe.

Spa City Cupcakes, you (and especially your lemon buttercream) will be missed. Maybe my waistline will be happy with the change LOL Pin It StumbleUpon

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