Saturday, October 24, 2009

The BE Nirvana Official Final Report

I started around May 26 so it has taken me about 5 months to wear 378 colors with only a couple accidental repeats.I did not shop at all during the summer and am trying hard to reign myself in with spontaneous BE buying. My surprise gift from Leslie came at such a perfect time. It feels like a reward for finally accomplishing my goal.

I am going on a much needed 4 day vacation with the BF this week and when I come back, I still start the sorting and decision making process of my Nirvana. I want to see what colors I may not want to keep or might want to split in 1/2. I am sure I will want to keep most of them as I rediscovered some colors I forgot about or discovered some colors I did not like before but do now.

The final tally of colors worn since my last update:
  1. Lemonade
  2. City Lights
  3. Trophy Wife
  4. Wildcat
  5. Meow
  6. Gold Dipped
  7. Fascination
  8. Beautiful Autumn
  9. Enchanting Diamond
  10. Sex Kitten
  11. Black ice
  12. The Gift
  13. Loyalty
  14. SF Velour
  15. SF Linen
  16. SF Tweed
  17. Boardwalk
  18. Queen Marie
  19. Devotion
  20. Here Kitty
  21. Phoebe
  22. Whimsy
  23. Mint
  24. Envy
  25. Fun
  26. 1970s
  27. Exquisite
  28. Present
  29. Chameleon
  30. Azure
  31. Ell if I Know
  32. Skinny Dip
  33. Bahamas
  34. Bubbly
  35. Finesse
  36. Bikini
  37. Passion
  38. Sunshine
  39. Montana
  40. Starlet Karen
  41. Gigi
  42. Blue Hue
  43. 17506
  44. Bluety call
  45. No-eye Deer
  46. Pinot Noir
  47. Daydream
  48. Onyx
  49. Blue Black
  50. Opera
  51. Elegant Diamond
  52. Gold Mine
  53. Hottie
  54. Sublime
  55. Climbing Ivy
  56. Dragonfly
  57. Midnight Sky
  58. Incense
  59. Green Tea
  60. Brocade
  61. Blueberry
  62. Amethyst
  63. Fling
  64. Zen
  65. French Navy
  66. Fashionista
  67. Ocean
  68. Blissful Pearl
  69. Magnificent Pearl
  70. Charcoal Lame
  71. Parisian Gray
  72. Pearl Sateen
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  1. omg- 378 colors! that is crazy. I think it would be awesome for you to do your b.e. favs.- blushes, lipsticks, eye colors, and lippies... pretty please?! congrats on the goal ;)

  2. I will try to work on that as a blog entry. All my fave BE products. I am going out of town for a few days but when I get back, this will be a good project for me to work on.


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