Saturday, September 12, 2009

Latest BE Nirvana Update

So far I am till doing well. I have only had 1 accidental eye color repeat. I did allow myself some shopping for the Fall. I got the Lining Tutorial kit at the new Syracuse boutique and got colors from the new Black Diamonds AD kit from fellow addicts on the BEAddicts forum on Delphi.

Here are the latest colors checked of my list:
  1. Black Ruby
  2. Smoky Sequins
  3. Sugar Plum
  4. Tiger's Eye
  5. Nurture
  6. Smoky Diamond
  7. Minx
  8. Sable
  9. Wildflower
  10. Silk Rose
  11. Enchanting
  12. GF Tina
  13. BE Grateful
  14. Jazz
  15. Honeydew
  16. Socialite
  17. Wicked
  18. Key Lime
  19. Herbal Tea
  20. Jasmine Tea
  21. Idol
  22. Karaoke
  23. Waterlily
  24. Bordeaux
  25. Skyline
  26. Pacific Heights
  27. Wearable Plum Light
  28. Wearable Plum Medium
  29. Wearable Plum Dark
  30. Desire
  31. Cerveza
  32. Classic Rock
  33. Graphite
  34. Bravo
  35. Platinum
  36. Gilded Quartz
  37. Brass Roots
  38. Snowflake
  39. Sincerely Angela
  40. Soul
  41. Venus
  42. Playful (accidental repeat so it doesn't count)
Total Number of BE Eyecolors left to wear before I have worn my entire collection: 101 (+3 mixes I made) Pin It StumbleUpon

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