Sunday, September 6, 2009

First BE purchase since Nirvana - trip to Syracuse boutique

I had decided that I could shop a little during the fall. I was going to wait till Monday and go shopping while I had Labor Day off and to myself but the BF wanted to go shopping yesterday. He wanted to go someplace different so out of his list, I picked Syracuse's Carousel Center. It was about a 2 hour drive, not too bad but pretty tiring. We got there very easily and grabbed something quick to eat before we went through and really looked in stores. We didn't find any clothes like we were hoping but I did go to the new Bare Escentuals boutique which opened on Friday.

It was their second day. It looks almost exactly like the one in Albany except it is somehow more inviting. They are located right near Macy's on the 2nd floor. I found the staff to be super friendly. The Albany store is nice and they seem nice but also a bit snooty from my experience. I decided to purchase the Liner Tutorial. I got my card stamped and she gave me a RM cleanser sample, a large sample of the new mascara and a free Thank You eye color. She was so friendly and seemed to be excited about the products and kept raving about the mascara. I love it when it is like that at a boutique. I wish the Albany store had that kind of vibe. Maybe eventually? One can hope. I still wish they had a boutique in Saratoga Springs because I would much rather shop there. Pin It StumbleUpon

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