Monday, August 17, 2009

Some More Life Changes

There has been some stress and unexpected changes in our lives. My job is going well in general but my current department lost our "boss" in early July. Since then, things seem to be up in the air. People seem very stressed and there is a lot of anxiety and tension in the air. I am trying to remain positive and calm in the midst of all this.

Then the BF found out that his department was overstaffed and his job was dissolved. He was given 2 options, work the overnight shift or transfer to the distribution center. Of course, the distribution center was the better option. He has friends who work there, the hours are good and they treat their employees better. They also pay better. Of course, he went there the next day with his friend who works there, things seemed good. He went to his manager at the store to be told they had reached their quota for the % of employees that can transfer. Poor BF, he was left stuck with overnights. We had 2 weeks to spend on our normal schedule and try to enjoy as much time together as we could. Finally this past weekend we had some nice summery weather so we went to the beach and the drive-in. Then Saturday we lounged around the apartment in the air-conditioning and did some grocery shopping.

We are adjusting to the schedule a bit better than kitty. He spent a lot of the night pacing the bedroom meowing. He was very worried about his dad. Then when his dad got home, he was in his face and did not want to let him sleep. "Dad, I was so worried!" Hopefully the adjustment for kitty and the rest of us will go smoothly. The change has been hard. Matthew comes home and gets in bed when I wake up. When I get out of work, I head right home ASAP to get him to work by 10pm.

Still no luck in the hunt for an apartment or house for rent in this area. All we ask is a reasonable price, enough room for both of us, a decent neighborhood (not one that the owner or agency declares great, one that ACTUALLY is great), and of course one that allows cats. This has been close to impossible. I am not sure why people have become so anti-pet or why people have decided that this area is worth the new average price of rent. Most places are around 700+ per month and don't include anything. I know people living in higher demand areas paying much less. I am sure things will work out eventually but it has been stressful. Lets hope all this change is for the best and it leading us to something good. Pin It StumbleUpon

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