Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ritter-Sport Chocolate

I saw an article somewhere online, who knows where by now, rating what they claimed to be the best tasting chocolates. One of the top rated milk chocolates was Ritter Sport. I realized I have never even tried any of their chocolates and decided it was time. I bought their Dark Chocolate 50% cocoa and their Alpine Milk Chocolate 30% cocoa. I have to say that both were extremely delicious. Not only that but their Dark Chocolate did not contain milk and was still decadent and creamy. I may have found my new favorite dark chocolate. All the Hershey's dark chocolates have milk in them. Other dark chocolates are ok but sometimes a little too bitter. This one is "just right."

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  1. I love Ritter Sport. I lived in Germany for a while, and Ritter is everywhere there....try the dark chocolate with Marzipan.

  2. That sounds good, I will have to try that one next :-)


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