Sunday, August 16, 2009

Double Chocolate-Honey Bread

I decided to experiment in bread baking this weekend. I had purchases Kneadlessly Simple by Nancy Baggett a couple weeks ago. This was the first recipe I have tried from this book. Though the recipes are very simple, I am not sure I have the patience to wait for the various stages of bread rising. It became a weekend long project. I am guessing that the sudden summer weather we had this weekend also did not help as the recipe called for cool room temperature and it was very warm in our kitchen.

In spite of the waiting and heat, the bread seemed to come out good. I am pleased that this bread is dairy free aside from the chocolate chips. This is much easier on my lactose intolerance and dairy allergy. I was sure to use my high quality cocoa from Lake Champlain Chocolate and used Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate chips, King Arthur Flour and Domino Sugar. There is an optional glossy chocolate drizzle that I skipped this time.

Some pics of how the bread came out:

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