Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BE Nirvana Update - 207 colors to date!

Here is my latest BE Nirvana Update. So far I have worn 207 eye colors without any repeats!!! I have not bought anything new. I am feeling very reformed though I know I will eventually want to shop again but not like I used to. Once I wear each colors at least once, I will retest the colors I am iffy on or didn't like much when I wore them. Once I do that test, I will decide what to swap, sell or gift. I can't base it on one single wear because a good color can have a bad day or combo. It will be time to part with the colors that I will not wear. Then I need to wear my Pure Luxe, Monave and 100% Pure eye colors. That should not take long since I only have about 1 or 2 small sterlite drawers with those.

I am going to purchase the new Biscotti lip gloss coming in the Black Diamonds AD from a fellow BE wearer. That will be my first purchase in a while but it still is not a new eye color. I tend to wear all my lip glosses so I feel less guilty about this purchase. After seeing the AD kit I almost regret canceling it but figure I can find the colors later on if I must have them.

Here is the list of colors I have worn this time around:
  1. Bronze Leaf
  2. Black Emerald
  3. Grass
  4. Bon Bon
  5. Sure Thing
  6. Gal Pal
  7. GF Michelle
  8. Ginger Peach Smoothie
  9. Banana Smoothie
  10. Mango Smoothie
  11. Spirited
  12. Starlet Catherine
  13. Purrfect
  14. Faith
  15. Kudos
  16. Magnetize
  17. Glamourista
  18. Stunner
  19. Leaf
  20. Surprise
  21. Joeli
  22. Hyacinth
  23. In a Jam
  24. Hope
  25. Grace
  26. Hugs
  27. Intuition
  28. Madras
  29. Summer
  30. BE Unique
  31. WW Debra
  32. High Style
  33. Gilded Taupe
  34. Golden Earth
  35. Rock Crystal
  36. Cleo
  37. Panther
  38. True Gold
  39. Au Natural
  40. Vanilla Sugar
  41. Puzzle
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