Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another BE Nirvana Update

Still doing well. No eye color repeats and almost halfway through my collection. I am noticing some big gaps in color groups that I have not worn yet, lots of yellow, orange and pink. This will be their last chance. I have decided that if I don't like them on, then it is time to sell them off. Maybe halves, maybe entire jars. I have not decided yet. So far so good with the cutting back on shopping. I still haven't bought anything new. I even went to the Albany boutique and looked around, left with nothing. It felt good. I am thinking about letting myself do some shopping in the fall when new stuff comes out. It will be like a reward for a job well done in my mission to only buy what I will wear and use.

# of colors worn since last update: 36, making the grand total 166!!!

Colors worn since the last update:
  1. Black Leather
  2. Lush Topaz
  3. Chicory
  4. Smoky Quartz
  5. Serene
  6. Azure
  7. Peacock
  8. Petunia
  9. Nob Hill
  10. Grasshopper
  11. Queen Linda
  12. Sanctuary
  13. Reveal
  14. Mojito
  15. Moss
  16. Celery
  17. GF Kathleen
  18. Metallic Lavender
  19. Plush Purple
  20. Ta-Dah
  21. Magical
  22. Black Pearl
  23. Bloom
  24. Drama
  25. Rapture
  26. Mocha Supreme
  27. Shangri-la
  28. Hopscotch
  29. Camp
  30. WW Dawn
  31. Pure Spice
  32. Twig
  33. 1980s
  34. Rock Star
  35. Tiara
  36. White Gold
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