Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Visit

We had family in town this week. Since I already had Thursday off, I went to visit them. I picked up my mother and we drove up the Sacandaga to the other end of the lake. The camp was in the town of Day. We got there easily and found my aunt, uncle, grandmother and my uncle's sister enjoying the deck. We all went down to the water to relax. My uncle fished in the paddle boat and we enjoyed the surroundings. Eventually my cousin, his fiance and her son showed up. I wish I had brought my swimsuit because I got pretty warm. As soon as my cousin got his swim trunks on, it started to rain. We all ran back to the house.

Soon after, I realized I had a new little friend. My soon to be cousin (my cousin's soon to be step-son) offered me donuts once we got in the camp. After he showered, he asked me to play a game with him, and then another game and another. We played one game I can't remember, then Guess Who and then we played Trouble with my aunt and cousin. After that we all went to dinner. While loading everyone into cars, my new little cousin insisted on riding with me so the car seat had to be moved to my car. We followed the line of cars and had a very long conversation about Care Bears LOL We had a great dinner, you can't go wrong with decent Italian food. All the while I had to sit by my little cousin, color with him, do placemat activities, and eventually he proclaimed that he wanted to marry me. So cute! Of course, the table had to mumble things about me having a boyfriend already or how I am so good with kids and should have a bunch. His mom told me he says he wants to marry her, her sisters and their dog so I asked if the dog was going to wear a dress. He got pretty hysterical and then my aunt misheard and said she thought he was going to ride the dog down the aisle and he lost it. He was roaring with giggles. We all said our goodbyes and my mother and I headed home. What a fun day with family. It is too bad we all live so far away from each other.

I made sure I went home and took pictures of my Care Bear collection and sent them to my cousin. Apparently the reaction to the photos was shaking and asking to know what the names of 2 never seen before Care Bears were, the mysterious care bears were Perfect Panda and Work of Heart Bear.

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