Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving in with the BF update

So far things are pretty good. We get on each other's nerves once in a while, but we did that before. The bedding ended up not being an issue. After days of searching, he asked me why I was looking for bedding because he had stuff that was Queen - King nice of him to tell me this now? Saves me some money and worry so I am ok with it even though I would rather have bedding I really like.

I got a new desk to have at his place. We looked all over and though I liked one at Pier One better, this one at Target was the right price. I still need to assemble it. It was a great deal because the Target in Albany forgot to take the sale sign down from May so I got the old sale price which was $30 off. Now I just need a new desk chair, my mission for this coming weekend. The BF is making room for my desk by packing all of his CDs and some older video games. He is also packing in anticipation of moving out to a bigger place.

We have not found a place to move to but he is preparing anyway. He has his eyes on buying a house in Gloversville. I am less thrilled about the idea. I want something that is easier for me to get to from my work route and to stay in Gloversville I want it to be really nice so it is worth it to me. I do not want to live in Gloversville and have been saving money to move to the Saratoga area for almost a year now. I would rather use that money for what I intended, not to put a down payment on a house I don't really want to live in. We will see what happens.

I have to buy a new metal bed frame for the new bed I bought. The frames we both have do not have the center bar. The bedding is taken care of. I got us nice sheets on clearance at Target and he has the blankets and comforters. This week we are probably going to get me put on the cable bill as I will be paying that for now. Pin It StumbleUpon

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