Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I won 3rd prize in the Saratoga Life Scavenger Hunt!

I won 3rd prize in the Saratoga Life Scavenger Hunt! I guess it was worth the time I spent running around trying to get those answers. Quite the adventure. I stopped at the Mansion Inn one day and was scared off by an angry dog. I ran around downtown on my lunch break and got answers to most questions. I passed Brindisi's and jotted down what their sign said. Then I stopped at Lucia's Boutique in Downstreet Market and scoured the shop for the answers, the girl working offered to help but even she said the questions were tricky LOL She mostly just confirmed what I thought so I felt better about my answers. From there I headed to the Grey Gelding and the very nice guy working helped me out. I told him that I felt silly but figured he didn't want me heading into the men's room, so could he please tell me what beer the horse in the picture in the men's room is drinking. Now that was one of the funniest things I have ever asked a person. From there I speed walked to Spring Street Deli and walked into the dining room to feel intimidated by people sitting at tables so I felt awkward trying to look at the photos behind their table. A girl working offered to help and then ran into the kitchen to ask. I pretty much figured it out by the time she got back, not that she gave me the answer, just a hint. I figured out that all the photos were taken by the same person and then the guy in the kitchen jokingly scolded me for my methods and said I was supposed to get the answers myself. People were so nice as I ran around trying to answer this stuff. I got some more answers online, mostly about SPAC. Then I called the Mansion Inn and then left the door open so I could wander and then helped me figure out who was in the painting at the bottom of the stairs, phew! What a crazy and tricky scavenger hunt. You can't challenge a librarian who loves to do research to answer questions and not expect her to go for it. This was my kind of scavenger hunt.

My prize: $25 Gift Card at Spring Street Deli. Works for me, the other prizes were a lot bigger but this is the best one for me. They are right around the corner from work, I will be fed free for a few days. Pin It StumbleUpon

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