Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Big Move - though not so big

Last week I decided that due to stress and problems happening at my family's house, it was time to move out. I asked the BF if he was still wanting me to move in and he said yes. His place is too small for all of my things so majority of what I own is still at my parents' house. It is not too far of a drive so I can easily go back to get what I need. So far it has been ok.

We went out and I bought us a new queen size Sealy Ultra Plush mattress set yesterday. Delivery is scheduled for next week. I am hoping that this will alleviate back aches from his current bed which is full size and a bit too firm for my back. I brought more clothing over and am currently living out of an overnight bag and a laundry basket. There isn't any room for my dresser(s). We picked up my PC last night and I will probably set it up in the dining area unless we can find a small desk that I like and also make room for it.

Apartment/house hunting in the area has been difficult. It is hard to find a place that is worth the money, in a good neighborhood, easy for him to get rides to work from, and that allows cats. The prices in our area are higher than they should be. This is a small town area that has a lot of undesirable features and not much to offer, it makes no sense to pay as much as you would to live somewhere in much higher demand. I am still going to have to commute 45-50 min each way to work, but this is what works for now.

It has been good for me to get away from the bad energy and stress at the family house. He seems to like having me around even though we clash here and there and get annoyed, it isn't too bad. I did almost have a complete fit last night and declared that I was going to die from being forced to watch so much NatGeoTV, especially after being asked what I wanted to do and saying what I wanted to do and then he got lost in these shows that I had no interest in...for hours. We also had some clash over trying to find bedding for the new bed. He prefers simple and a color scheme of tan, brown, white and grey. I prefer vibrant colors & patterns. We also don't want anything too nice because of kitty and his claws, there tends to be expected damage with any blankets or bedding at his place so my really nice Pier One bedding is staying in my old room at home for now. Compromise seems to happen way more on my side and I am getting a little fed up and have the urge to just buy what I like as long as it is not too bright and funky. I can be subdued, especially for a bedroom. You need a little calm, just as long as it isn't too boring and plain LOL I am going to get us some Northern Nights sheets since he is in disbelief that there are normal sheets out there than can fit a thick mattress. We will see what happens. I will report when bedding has been purchased.

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