Sunday, June 14, 2009

BE Nirvana Update

46 eye colors so far, no repeats. So far so good with my BE Nirvana (diet).

I am feeling much better about my collection and have regained my excitement and passion for wearing different color combos. I am making notes when I wear a color that is one I know I don't like as much. I have my stack of ES Blushes ready for swap/sell as well as some other extras. I am still living with the BF though most of my stuff is at my parents' house. I go back and forth to pick up new colors and drop off the ones I have worn and am living out of a glamourista train case and another small bag. Tonight I set up a small area on top of one of the BFs dressers with a cosmetic mirror and the mirrored box from a kit. I have some of my artsy jewelry in the box but will use the mirror for make up application. I put my traincase and my perfume there with it. I said, I hope it is ok I took that over, he said you already asked and I said, well I didn't bring all my super girly things like my purple framed mirror and he just said not yet. I think he secretly likes it LOL Pin It StumbleUpon

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