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Back from my Rehoboth Beach, DE vacation

We got back from our fantastic vacation last night. The drive was pretty long and rough at times. Heavy congestion, construction and heavy rains on the ride home made it tiring. The trip itself was great. I really loved the Rehoboth Beach area. Our hotel was about 3 1/2 blocks from the boardwalk and beach, a long walk but not too bad (thought I think the BF disagrees with me). Great atmosphere, good food, fun shops and plenty of cool towns and beaches within driving distance.

Day 1: We drove down with a detour stop in Quakertown PA to visit the Quakertown Farmer's & Flea Market and had lunch. This was a stop around the halfway point so it worked well to give us a break from the car. From there we headed straight to Delaware and found our hotel pretty easily. We checked in and got situated and walked down Rehoboth Ave searching for dinner. We were both pretty exhausted from the ride though I did all the driving. We ended up deciding on dinner at the Irish Eyes Pub. The food was okay but nothing to write home about. I did get a yummy drink there called Berried Treasure. After that we walked down to the boardwalk to look around. From looking at the pics I can tell that we were pretty tired.

Day 2: The weather was really oppressive on Monday. We decided to go get breakfast and walked to the Retro Café. I have to say this is by far my favorite place for breakfast that we went to on this trip. Words cannot do it justice so just look at the picture below, this is the Chocolate Hazelnut Belgian Waffle. One Belgian waffle with chocolate hazelnut on each, drizzled with Ghirardelli® chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with choice of breakfast meat or a fresh fruit cup.

We walked around the boardwalk area, snapped some pics and headed back to the hotel. From there we drove to the famous Rehoboth Beach area outlets. We went to one center of outlets first, got our coupons at the office, then the BF bought chocolate and we decided it was safest to run it back to the hotel. The air was so heavy that day that I was glad to run back because I needed to use my inhaler. I felt a lot better after that. We visited another outlet center and got lunch at Arena's Café. The atmosphere here was ok, casual but the bar customers got a little loud. Our sandwiches were ok but the cheese fries were really good. The BF was disappointed because he hoped for cheese sauce, not real cheese.

From here we continued on to the last set of outlets and also stopped at Wal-Mart for a few things we needed for our hotel room. We stopped at one of the many Candy Kitchen shops, this one seemed to be the biggest we saw.

We headed back to the boardwalk area after this and stopped at Go Fish! for dinner. Amazing fish n' chips!!!! Best beer batter and great handcut fries. This gets the best meal of vacation vote from me. I loved it.

Day 3: We went to breakfast at Sammy's Kitchen. Another walk the BF wasn't thrilled with but not as long as he expected. I had some yummy french toast, very cinnamon-y which I love. Went for a drive down Route 1 and passed through Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island and part of Ocean City, MD. We stopped at the Country Store in Fenwick Island. Eventually had lunch at the Blue Ox in Ocean City, MD. I had salmon and he had a philly cheesesteak (though he ordered the chicken version, he said the beef version was still pretty good LOL). After that we stopped in Bethany Beach to walk around Garfield Parkway and took a look at their beach and boardwalk. The beach looked nice and quiet and we found the best fudge place there, the Fudge Factory. So good we went back again for more fudge.

After this, I insisted on a nice walk along the boardwalk, some shop browsing and a nice romantic walk along the beach. It was really nice. I am glad we got this time at the beach and enjoyed the ocean together. The waves were crashing and I ended up with wet cropped pants but I didn't mind. It was such a pretty night and the weather felt perfect. I ended up shopping at 2 related shops, Scandinavian Occasion and Valhalla. I found some really cool unique jewelry there. I purchased a pendant and pair of earrings by Jennifer Trask. They are made from butterfly wings (butterflies live their lives and after dying of natural causes the wings are collected for art).
We got some Thrasher's French Fries to nom on and man were they good. The BF thought they were too salty but I love a good salty french fry...or bucket of french fries.

Day 4: Finally, the beach!!! We had breakfast at the Retro Café again, of course I had to get that chocolate hazelnut Belgian waffle again. Then we finally went to the beach. I was so happy. We found a spot, set up the beach blanket and umbrella and sat ourselves down. We were covered in our Badger sunscreen, SPF30. We enjoyed watching the little kids around us, especially the ones who were experiencing the waves and the ocean for the first time. Many funny and cute reactions. The best part was seeing dolphins swimming out in the water. They were out there for quite a while but were far too quick for my camera.

Then we headed into the water. I was fine with the water and the waves but the waves were so strong that rocks were rushing back and forth by my feet and eventually some bigger waves really hurt my foot so I decided I had enough of that and we went back to the beach blanket. My foot was pretty sore and bruised, not sure what happened but we are pretty sure it was just from rocks. We stayed for a bit, not as long as I hoped but I could tell the BF was bored and not enjoying himself. We walked to a market a block or so away to buy my Old Bay Seasoning. We stopped at the Ice Cream Store. I got an italian ice and the BF got a peanut butter ice cream. They have some weird flavors but the peanut butter was pretty good. Then we headed back to the car and the hotel to shower and cool off. We drove to Ed's Chicken & Crabs for lunch. The BF got the seafood medley and I got fish n' chips.

After that, we headed to Bethany Beach again to get more fudge. When we got back to the hotel, the BF decided he wanted to stay in and rest so I went for a nice long walk along Rehoboth Ave and the boardwalk, browsed in tons of shops and grabbed various food for dinner. I got us burgers at 5 Guys, then a fish n' chips to go from Go Fish! and finally some Fisher's Popcorn. I dropped the food off at the hotel and ran across the road to Grub Grocery and Starbucks for drinks and then called it a night.

Day 5: We headed to Dewey Beach and had breakfast at the Starboard. I had french toast, described on the menu to be slices as thick as a fat man's knuckle. The Bf had a croissant breakfast sandwich he was quite pleased with. Then off to the Fractured Prune for donuts. Oh my, it was hard to choose just 3 for each of us.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Carnival (glazed with sprinkles), Peanut Butter Glaze, Creamsicle, O.C. Sand (honey glaze, cinnamon sugar), French Toast (maple glaze, cinnamon sugar) and Pebble Beach (honey glaze, cinnamon sugar, mini chocolate chips)

After that, we stopped at the Sea Shell Shop so I could get a souvenir picture frame. Then we headed back to the hotel, got ready to snack on donuts and got a call on my cell phone that my relatives had arrived. My Aunt and Uncle live in MD and my cousin and her BF were visiting from Nebraska so I suggested they come visit us and see the town and the ocean. I thought they would enjoy it there. We went to meet them and had lunch at Go Fish! This time I was a bit fish n' chipped out so I got chicken n' chips instead. Also very yummy. The BF gave me some of his fish and I gave him some of my chicken. After lunch we took pics and stuck our feet in the ocean water, except the BF who was wearing sneakers. We walked back to their car and said our goodbyes. It was a quick but very nice visit. We walked back to the hotel and nommed away on our Fractured Prune Donuts. The BF seemed to be very ready to go home and tired of vacation, me, I could have stayed for another week. I felt bummed to sit around the hotel room so eventually we went for one last walk along the boardwalk and part of Rehoboth Ave. The BF got some ice cream that he wasn't thrilled with (not from the Ice Cream Store this time because he wanted to avoid the lines). We went back to the hotel and started to pack.

Day 6: I was pretty sad to leave but hope to go back again someday soon. We packed our bags, made sure we didn't forget anything and loaded the rental car. I checked out and we drove down Rehoboth Ave one last time and headed home. We made a stop in Dover so we could eat at a Sonic Drive-in for the first time. The drive home was long and we didn't stop again until we got to Albany, NY. We drove to Latham and had dinner at Red Robin and slowly made our way home after hunting down a milkshake for the BF. A long drive but well worth it for such a great trip. I miss Rehoboth Beach and the ocean and hope to get back there again sometime soon.
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