Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All natural gum...GLEE

I was going to buy what I thought was the last known mainstream gum that did not have artificial sweeteners in it, Big Red, when my boyfriend grabbed the packaging out of my hand and read the ingredients. Not only have they changed the packaging, they have changed the ingredients. Boooo to this. We do not do artificial sweeteners. He grabbed some Dentyne stating that though it was sugar free, it did not have the worst sugar substitute in it and I pouted my way to the registers.

Today, I decided to enjoy the weather and took a walk from work to Four Seasons Natural Foods. I love to browse there and figured it was time to look for some all natural gum. After doing a lap of the store, perusing the shelves for natural skin care, teas, vegan cookies and snacks...I found it. Hooray! All natural gum. Glee Gum! I picked up a pack of peppermint and a pack of triple berry to try. I figure if I like it, I can go back for more. Well, the verdict is in and I like it. They come in cute little boxes and are reminiscent of Chiclets but all natural with a variety of flavors.

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