Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bare Escentuals - Wear it or Lost it!

I have been wearing Bare Escentuals for 8 years now and my collection of those lovely little mineral jars has grown and grown. I have gotten to the point where I feel overwhelmed by all my make up and decided it was time for a change. Nothing drastic just yet but I need to wear the colors I already own before I keep adding new colors to my collection.

What I decided to do:

Tonight when I got home, I wrote a list of the color groups that I use to organize my bare escentuals eye colors and blushes. From there, I created a WORD document using those groups as categories with subcategories of Sample, Mini or Full Size to keep track of the size jar I have. I went through every drawer and inventoried all the bare escentuals I own. I did a count of all the colors and it came down to the following:

Bare Escentuals Collection totals as of May 26, 2009

Total Sample Jars: 71
Total Mini Jars: 26
Total Full Size Jars: 246
Overall total of eye colors: 343

The next part of my mission is to use all of these colors or else I have to sell/swap/gift them. No keeping colors that I do not wear or will not wear. I figured that if on average, I wear 4 colors in an eye look, I have enough total colors to wear them with no repeats for about 85 days. We will see how my mission goes and if I am manage to cut way back on my bare escentuals shopping while I start to use the colors I already own.
My collection:
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  1. Oh and the new charity colors I have bought, only because they support causes.

  2. Great system you got going on, keep it up!!

    I went on a BE diet starting last September after I bought the ruby kit. I have only bought one or two sample sizes of colors I really wanted and I only am buying kits where I know I will use all the items (like the see yourself tsv). Other than that I haven't really gone through much stash, other than 2 jars of foundation. I'm on my last stash jar, but with the new tsv I got another one. I feel a lot better not feeding the BE pig right now, I am not happy with their business practices and also the whole fill levels was turning me off!

  3. Wow! That is some collection :) I love BE but usually only buy the foundation. I have a few eyeshadows and a couple of lip glosses too.


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