Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kristen Schaal

I am frustrated by the lack of videos of Kristen Schaal's opening act at the Boston Flight of the Conchords show last week. She was hysterical and it is the sort of act that I can't do justice by describing. She did some of the jokes I saw posted from other venues but there are a few I wish I could share...yes the Sexy Librarian but there were other really good ones like her play about a pot and a spoon getting it on but the long lost lid returns and drama ensues. Then we have the life of a mattress and her Law & Order SVU audition. To do justice to her act, I found a clip of the SVU audition from the Miami show. Pics of the opening acts from Boston can be found in the FOC Album 1 (link can be found in the Flight of the Conchords blog entry below).

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