Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kristen Schaal - Sexy Librarian

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Finally!!! Kristen Schaal as the Sexy Librarian! Embedding is disabled but go see. This sexy librarian needs you to go watch this.

Not just that but this fellow attendee of the Boston FOC show also posted Kristen's play with a Pot & Spoon

Her act was fabulous, I am so glad to finally be able to share my favorite parts with you. Pin It StumbleUpon

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kristen Schaal

I am frustrated by the lack of videos of Kristen Schaal's opening act at the Boston Flight of the Conchords show last week. She was hysterical and it is the sort of act that I can't do justice by describing. She did some of the jokes I saw posted from other venues but there are a few I wish I could share...yes the Sexy Librarian but there were other really good ones like her play about a pot and a spoon getting it on but the long lost lid returns and drama ensues. Then we have the life of a mattress and her Law & Order SVU audition. To do justice to her act, I found a clip of the SVU audition from the Miami show. Pics of the opening acts from Boston can be found in the FOC Album 1 (link can be found in the Flight of the Conchords blog entry below).

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flight of the Conchords Live in Boston

My lady and I went to Boston on Friday to see Flight of the Conchords live at Agganis Arena (Boston University). I have to say that the show was truly amazing and warranted my first blog entry in a while. We got there and bought our tour t-shirts and then went inside. When we saw our seats we were giddy, 12th row center floor seats. It pays to sit prompted at the computer with the pre-sale code at 9:59am. The show was sold out soon after pre-sale. It was a sea of dorks, geeks and artsy peeps. I felt right at home. We bonded with a young guy sitting in front of us who was so excited I thought he might start jumping up and down in his seat. He was getting pretty upset when it was about 8pm and the seats were not filled and the show had not started yet, it was pretty funny in a cute way.

A short write up was in the Boston herald about the show:

Here is the rundown of the show and some video entertainment to accompany the 300+ photos I uploaded this weekend. I have to say, these albums are the edited narrowed down version of the photos we took that night.
(Photo album links: FOC Album 1, FOC Album 2, FOC Album 3, FOC Album 4, FOC Album 5, FOC Album 6, FOC Album 7).

Opening acts: Eugene Mirman (landlord) and Kristen Schaal (Mel)
Both were very funny. I am still hunting for a clip of Kristen's character, the sexy librarian. Being a librarian myself, this is required for my online video library.

Flight of the Conchords opened in robot suits but played Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor. The show consisted of the usual songs and banter all FOC fans have come to know and love. After Sugalumps, they left the stage and the entire arena was a giant standing ovation. They came back out and played 3 more songs, which according to what I read about other shows, was very lucky. We must have been a very good audience.
The only thing that could have made this show better would be having met Bret and Jemaine. Someday...someday. I found some videos of performances from that evening that I wanted to share. I love that I now have some videos to help remember such a great night. These are all from other fans who attended the show so I apologize in advance for any shoddy camera work or screaming giggling girls in the background. Enjoy! (PS There is some naughty language at times in case the kids are around).
Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor
Just click to view this one, they disabled embedding.

Jemaine nicknames Boston:

If You're Into It:

Think About it (with tons of pre-song banter):

Hurt Feelings Banter:

Hurt Feelings Song:

Business Time:

Carol Brown:

Jenny (oneo f my all-time FOC faves):

We're Both in love with a Sexy Lady (Bret screws up):

Most Beautiful Girl in the Room:

Opening Act Eugene Mirman (Bad video but you can hear everything):

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