Monday, November 24, 2008

Cape Cod with the BF - a belated travel blog

Tues Aug 19-Fri Aug 22

We drove to Cape Cod with a stop at Bugaboo Creek for lunch on the way. Oh how I miss Bugaboo Creek. We stayed at the Seacoast Inn in Hyannis, MA. It is a great little place, very reasonable price-wise and the owners are the nicest people ever. They will help you find just about anything you want to see or do on the Cape and will even provide you with beach supplies if you plan to go to the beach. The first night we stayed local in Hyannis. We walked around Main Street and ate at the Asa Grill. It was a nice restaurant, very busy and the food was okay, nothing to write home about or write in a blog about. On Main Street there are a lot of great little shops to browse. My 2 favorites were Red Fish Blue Fish and Allium. Main Street in Hyannis has some unusual crosswalks, the crosswalk lights talk. It can be distracting at first or just take you by surprise, but they are pretty cool.

The second day we had breakfast at Percy's Place where they have some great breakfast food. After that we drove up to the Wellfleet Flea Market.
From there we drove to Provincetown. We drove around and around trying to find parking on the tight tiny little streets and finally found a parking lot with meters. It was a long walk to the main drag (no pun intended) but we made it. I am pretty sure the BF may have been one of the only guys with his shirt on, though I am pretty sure that is the way to tell if a guy is gay or straight in P'town LOL We walked into exhaustion, I ended up with bright red sunburned shoulders. We browsed some shops. Bought some chocolates at The Purple Feather. We finally ate at the Squealing Pig Pub which was cool. The food was good and we were able to sit at a window table facing the street to people watch. We managed to survive the walk back to the car and had extra time on the meter so we sat on a bench and watched the water and tiny local beach while resting our feet and waiting.

We headed back to Hyannis and eventually went to the Cape Cod Mall. We grabbed some dinner at Not Your Average Joe's and headed back to the hotel. We watched some Olympics on TV at the hotel and got some rest.

On the third day we roamed all over the cape. We drove to Yarmouth, Dennisport, Chatham, then back up through Orleans and over to Dennis. From there we headed west to Osterville and Centerville.

We tried some ice cream at the famous Sundae School Ice Cream in Dennisport. We bought more candy than I have ever bought in my life. It is all over the Cape. We got chocolates and gummies and taffy and more. The candy buying was a daily event, not just on this day but this was the day we bought the most. We ate in Chatham and then drove to the Chatham Bay so we could attempt to see some water since I had badly wanted to go to the beach and the ocean but Matthew is not a beach type. We tried to find parking in a scary parking lot disaster and headed to the other end of the bay. We squeezed into a barely there parking spot and climbed down to a hotel section of the beach on the bay. We waded in the water until Matthew asked what he was stepping on and looked down to see a CRAB! Before I could try to take a pic of the attacking crab, he scurried back under the sand and Matthew was out of the water. After that I knew my chances of any beach time were over. We climbed back up to the car after snapping some pictures. In Orleans we went to the Hot Chocolate Sparrow for some dessert and yes more chocolate. We climbed Scargo Tower in Dennis which was ok but not what I expected. We had to go up a very open spiral staircase which got me a bit dizzy and nauseous and I was afraid I might not make it back down LOL I survived though and was pretty proud that I went through with it. More driving, more chocolates and browsing stores and eventually back to the hotel. Matthew rested in the room while I walked around Main Street solo to browse shops again. I was able to grab a couple more small items and head back to the hotel.

On our last day in Cape Cod, we had breakfast at Percy's Place again. The owners of the hotel gave us a box of local made salt water taffy when we checked out. We drove out of Hyannis and headed towards Mashpee to visit the Commons. We bought some cupcakes there and I got a small gift for kitty at the artisan section that was smaller than expected. We got on the road and headed home after a drive down to Falmouth & Woods Hole. In Falmouth we did a little shop browsing and ate at The Quarterdeck Restaurant.

The drive home was pretty stressful, we got stuck in a lot of traffic that was barely moving and eventually took an exit and took back roads to Springfield to get back on the TPK and head home. It was a fun trip and I can see how just about anyone could have a good time in Cape Cod. There is a little bit of everything for just about everyone. Someday I will get my trip to the ocean. Pin It StumbleUpon

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